Are Radar Detectors Worth It?

A radar and laser are very different radar is kind of a continuous force that build to get a reading so when it hits you it goes and it’s waiting for the reading laser is well awful for people like you and me laser there’s almost no way out of it laser is almost instantaneous they use what’s called a lidar gun and the lidar gun literally looks like a gun they look right into it with a crosshair and right where the crosshair is the speed goes right next to where they were aiming right in the the optics I was actually in criminal justice classes in high school in an early college and we got to use a lidar gun and I was like dude there’s like no way to beat this thing and that that’s their point with the kit gives me just enough time to like.

Get ready I’ve been hit a few times with the k and it gave me just enough time to slow down and they never bothered me especially through only going five ten over it’s no big deal you can just hit the brakes just that much and you’re all set there are no issues but owning a good radar detector is one of the weirdest experiences for me like knowing that I can prevent this stuff now it’s a weird feeling rather than just trusting my gut and just trusting that objects probably a cop there it’s weird having the ability there’s a cable and K bands a lot of times is like a CVS right there.

The automatic door but it son you know that something is there already is something around here yep I got hit with something Virginia you still had things like ways you’re still allowed to use ways even though they tried to ban it at one point because they were so mad that they were getting as much revenue tickets including one city in Virginia called Emporia Emporia is notorious for being a ticket city at one point Waze caught on my phone cops within miles had I had the best radar detector in this year I would have known the entire time but I didn’t imagine if I didn’t even have ways you’d be a sitting frickin duck especially for people in cars like ours you know bright colors or sporty or whatever you know in the especially what’s so great about this thing what is that it’s so easy to set up you just mount it really low.

You’ve met it as low as you can I mounted it as low as I can I’ve gotten great results so far out of the time I’ve had the K I’ve probably been hit five to ten times with laser and that’s usually what police departments are using nowadays laser is state-of-the-art so if you get it by a radar it’s actually pretty rare like k-band and stuff like that it’s definitely usually laser every ticket I’ve ever has been laser so I can’t really say anything alright guys thank you all so much for watching this video make sure to hit that like button if you haven’t already in that subscribe button if you haven’t already and I will see you guys next time take it easy what do you guys see my radar detector and laser detectors you relate they’re worth the money or should you just follow your gut or you use Waze let me know your opinion in the comment section below and I’ll see you guys next time have a fantastic day.

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